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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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First Date Mistakes You Can Avoid

A first date can be a difficult and uncomfortable situation.

You are uptight, nervous, and concerned about making a good first impression on the other person. All of this stress can add up to embarrassing mistakes. While We are all prone to making errors in judgment when we are dating, it's possible with a little foresight to avoid mistakes on your first date.

1. The Wrong Date Activity

Many guys go wrong when they take a girl out on a boring first date activity. In fact, one of the worst first date mistakes that you can make is to take a girl out to dinner and a movie. This is an incredibly cliche dating activity and it will probably not be remembered at all. Do something that is unique and shows your personality. Try to do something that will involve and interest both of you. Visiting the zoo or flying a kite in the park are a couple of great activities that will be remembered.

2. Moving Too Fast

Both guys and girls really dislike it when their partner on a date moves too quickly for them. Make sure that any physical advances are made after you know that the other person is comfortable with you. Remember, when you're in doubt always wait for the other person to make a move. This way you can always be sure that you will not put yourself or your date in an uncomfortable position.

3. Messing Up The Goodnight Kiss

The goodnight kiss is often the site of a lot of first date mistakes. Do not assume that the two of you will kiss at the end of your date. Not all first dates go completely according to plan and that is totally fine. Throughout your first date, you should try to get an idea of whether the other person is interested in you or not. By the end of the date, you should have a clear picture of what to do when you say goodbye. If you do not think that your date would be into a goodnight kiss, just a lean in for a friendly hug, or even a handshake in some cases.

Finally, do your best to avoid these mistakes on your first date. Your first date may determine whether you have a chance at a second date, or if you will just be moving on. You do not want to mess it up.

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