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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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The Features and Advantages for GPS Navigation

Advantages of GPS software and Hardware

Advanced: the navigation system makes the GPS vehicle information Systematism, provides management basis for Vehicle Management to improve efficiency and the ability to obtain information for Vehicle Management.

Maturity: GPS vehicle management system is operational experience and continuous development,either its software or hardware has been very mature and consummate.

Lowcost: GPS platform centralized database management can reduce costs and improve efficiency. GPS device can adopt managed and the payment methods of leased to avoid heavily investment from customers .

Reliability: Good security, guarantee system data security and safe operation. Stable and reliable performance to provide the basis for your management.

Handleability: GPS vehicle management system has an intuitive interface, Users can operate the GPS system skillfully without any professional skill but only simple training.

Flexibility: GPS system has a flexible performance features of combination, no matter where Vehicle Management is,he can manage vehicle as long as it's available to the Internet.

1. Fast and efficient GPS software system , go to login page directly without having to install software, various versions system can use the GPS online vehicle management system, well sloved the compatibility problem of different operating system on the GPS vehicle management software, foreign enterprises computer English operating system、Taiwanese enterprises Traditional operating systems can use the GPS vehicle management system. As we set up GPS server in the United States, Malaysia and other countries and regions, these countries and regions can use the GPS vehicle management system.

2. Complete Function , real-time monitoring of vehicles, vehicle travel records, police records of speeding vehicles, electronic fences, driving route planning, beyond the planning route alarm, vehicle mileage statistics, real time status of vehicles ignition and flameout, the vehicle parking records, records of vehicle parking spaces etc.

3. GPS hardware is industrial-level module, hardware performance is stable and reliable,because the products are exported , if there is a problem of the quailty will have high repair costs, we strictly control the quality, all hardware adopt industrial module, use philips JRC location module, subjected to rigorous quality tests, seismic performance of high temperature, static electricity, voltage instability and other similar adverse driving conditions to the test to ensure product quality, repair rate below 2%.

4. Excellent product performance index, product fast response to ensure real-time monitoring of vehicle , positioning accuracy is higher than the similar products, positioning drift is small,equipment has built-circuit protection systems to prevent the lose brought due to the voltage instability bring about vehicle damage on the GPS positioning terminal, avoid unnecessary losses, equipment take its own back-up battery, once the line appear issues, GPS can work as usual, greatly enhancing the ability of GPS equipment's continuation of the journey.

5. Map adopt the flexible 51 online edition, the map updated in time, accurate location , hommization humanity , at the same time it can also use Google's satellite maps to achieve more functionality.

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