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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Types Of IT Support Services

Businesses, small, medium-sized or big, are today riding on the crest of the advances made in the field of Information Technology. IT systems drive day-to-day operations of businesses and any downtime causes financial losses to the enterprise. So it is imperative that businesses secure the services of an IT support provider from time to time to ensure that their systems are maintained in perfect working order and any snag is repaired promptly. Outsourced IT supportservices also ensures that businesses can focus more on exploring newer business opportunities, honing their existing capabilities and streamlining existing operations.

An IT services provider generally provides some of these services:

1.24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring: Round-the-clock monitoring of systems, sometimes even from remote locations, ensures that minor glitches are detected early and are repaired instantly. This prevents the snag from aggravating and causing the system from breaking down completely later on. Constant monitoring proves cost-effective in the long run, because businesses are spared the cost of overhauling or replacing a system.

2.IT support service providers usually monitor networked systems, hardware inventories, servers, storage systems and also software applications.

3.Backup: IT support services also include creating backup copies of the digital assets of a business. These may include textual data, images, videos, e-mails, financial records and other crucial information files. Theservice provider may configure the system such that it triggers automated server backups. This process of creating server database backup is an integral component of a disaster recovery programme. The practice insures a business against accidental deletion or destruction of files or data.

4.Security: This service includes monitoring of the user's system for virus, malware or spyware; installing anti-virus and anti-malware software to safeguard systems from the intrusions of hackers. Some IT support providers also monitor users' activities on the systems.

5.Cloud Computing Solutions: Surveys amongst Internet users around the world showed that almost 70% of them utilised some form of cloud computing when online. Thus IT support providers are developing their cloud computing solutions to give businesses the advantages of a technology that is being embraced by more and more businesses each passing day.

Advanced cloud computing solutions let a business slash its operational costs, lessening the amount of time required to access data over a network, enabling remote access to data and lessening the carbon footprint.

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